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Who We Are


HRLearns is a pioneering professional development platform dedicated to the continuous growth and empowerment of HR professionals. Founded through a unique collaboration between Victoria Purser of ConquerHR and Suzanne Lucas of The Evil HR Lady, HRLearns offers a gateway to mastering the HR landscape through monthly, expert-led webinars.

Our mission is to provide actionable learning experiences that are directly applicable in your day-to-day HR role. Whether you are looking to deepen your existing skills, explore new areas of HR, or advance in your career, HRLearns is here to guide you every step of the way.

About Suzanne Lucas


Suzanne Lucas, better known as The Evil HR Lady, brings a straightforward, insightful perspective to the world of human resources. With a career spanning over two decades, Suzanne has been a beacon of practical advice and real-world solutions in the HR field. Her Facebook community, blog, and public speaking engagements tackle the complex issues facing today's HR professionals with humor and wisdom.


Suzanne's collaboration in HRLearns brings her distinctive approach to a wider audience, offering tools and strategies that are immediately beneficial for HR practitioners looking to navigate their careers with confidence and expertise.

Victoria Purser, SPHR, SHRM-SCP


Victoria Purser is the founder of ConquerHR®, and a principal consultant at SynergyHRM Consulting Group. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades in HR leadership and management, Victoria has redefined HR education and certification preparation. Her journey began modestly in 2015 with a small Facebook study community, HR's Space, which has grown under her guidance to support over 15,000 HR professionals with innovative learning approaches and rigorous review sessions.

In 2017, Victoria deepened her commitment to HR excellence by founding ConquerHR. She transformed her effective boot camp series into a formally branded venture, now known as ConquerHR® Boot Camps. These camps focus on the core competencies and strategic test-taking techniques crucial for HR certification, with her programs achieving a remarkable 93% pass rate thanks to her meticulous preparation methods and dedication to student success.

Today, Victoria leads with unmatched passion for HR, continually updating and customizing her boot camps to meet the most pressing needs of her participants. Her deep involvement in mentoring and professional development has made her a respected figure in human capital management and a staunch advocate for the HR community.

Join Our Community


At HRLearns, we are more than just a training platform; we are a community. Engage with us and benefit from the collective knowledge and support of a network of HR professionals committed to excellence. For more information about our offerings and to join our next webinar, visit our Webinar Schedule page.

Admission and Fees

At HRLearns, we strive to make professional development accessible for all HR professionals. Admission to our webinars is open to anyone looking to enhance their HR skills and knowledge. Each session is crafted to meet the needs of HR veterans and novices alike.


Webinar Fees:

  • Standard Webinar Fee: $[Insert fee] per session

  • Package Deals: We offer discounted rates for packages that include multiple webinars.

  • Early Bird Specials: Register early for our webinars to take advantage of reduced rates.


Payment Options: We accept all major credit cards and payments via PayPal. Full payment is required upon registration to secure your place.


Cancellation Policy: We understand that schedules can change. Registrants can cancel up to [Insert number] days before the webinar for a full refund. For cancellations made later, a [Insert percentage]% fee will be retained, and the rest will be refunded. Alternatively, you may choose to transfer your registration to a future webinar at no additional cost.

HRLearns Team

Susan Lucas

Evil HR Lady


Victoria Purser


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